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Producers or your agents try to keep you updated through multiple channels such as emails, SMS,
paper notes at hotel receptions, and more. Because of this, it's hard to keep all your important
details neat in one place. You constantly search for details such as the names of the people you work
with, the call time, the flight, the hotel address, the studio address, the newest info and many more.
My Callsheet stores all these details together.
All your information in one place
Having to again and again go through a bunch of emails to fish for many little details just before the job is tedious and time-consuming. Create a Callsheet for each job with the My Callsheet Mobile App and never search for details again. Being organised will pay off. (Please, screenshots attached to the e-mail, they are the most up to date)
All the different attachments in just one place
As soon as you get an e-mail from your agent, travel company or producer, you share the important
attachment into the My Callsheet Mobile App. You will see how much easier it gets at the airports
and shootings.
Track your expenses easily and get reimbursed every time!
You know the feeling, when you have to send your receipts but the attachment is too big and the email doesn't go though and then you just keep trying and trying because you do want your money back? Make pictures of all your receipts on the go, share them and get reimbursed!
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